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SYTYCD Tour 2008

Ken and I had date night the other night and we went to go see So You Think You Can Dance live tour show. We went to it two years ago when it was in Auburn Hills and it was SO much nicer than this year, which was in Detroit. I swear the place smelled like urine. The floor was sticky and just the whole place was disgusting to me. I know that is what you get for downtown Detroit, but yuck. I have become a bit of a germaphob in my old age, I can’t help it. I don’t touch doors, I use my arm if I have to. Stuff like that.

Anyways, the show. It was pretty good. I really like several of the dancers from this season. We had really good seats, like two rows up from the floor, off to one side a bit. The first thing I said when they all (there was 13 dancers in the show) came out on stage for the opening number was that they look so little! When they are on TV you don’t get a true sense for their size I guess. Ken was like…They are little! I suppose they are. I wish I was still as little as I was back in my dancing years :p

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