Swimming with the dolphins

It’s been awhile since our family vacation to Cancun, but I thought this video was fun and worth sharing! We had a wonderful time swimming with the dolphins. The dolphins feel rubbery and kinda squishy, a little bit different than what I expected. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad we were able to do this with the kids. Our overall opinion of the Dolphinaris Cancun, however, was far from positive.

We felt that most of the staff acted as though they hated their job. Especially those that handled the actually swimming with the dolphins – they were very rude and honestly sucked some of the enjoyment out of the whole experience. The person should be going out of their way to make this the most fun ever especially when you are playing over $100 per person for such a short period of time with the dolphins. The entire exhibit needs sprucing up as well. It looked very run down and for the money people are paying it should be in much better shape.

Swimming with the Dolphins

Another downfall is how they try to charge you an insane amount of extra money for the photos that they take of you swimming with the dolphins. Prices start at $35 for 1 photo on up and if you would like the dvd as well, plan on paying a couple hundred dollars. They dont allow you to take any photos or video yourself. I am sure so you feel forced into buying their photos/video. For this reason we scheduled Karli and I at one time slot and Ken and the boys afterward so we could at least stand in the observation area and try to get some shots ourselves.

Swimming with the dolphins

The most important part though is that the kids had fun and they weren’t affected by any of my disappointments. It is something that I doubt we would ever pay to do again and I feel lucky that we were able to share this moment with the kids.

Swimming with the Dolphins

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    I love your videos I’m your biggest fan I’vemail been wondering if you can do cupcake challenge you try to get all
    The cupcakes inside your mouth who ever has the most wins and do them like chocolate or vanilla or strawberry mix then up and see who will win it will ether be karli or chase

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