Summer vacay underway

The first week of summer vacation has been umm…what’s a good word? Bearable- that describes it pretty well. Andrew is on vacation with his dad so unfortunately I haven’t had his help. He wanted to get a job this summer at a friend’s restaurant and he was only going to be able to work a couple nights a week for about 4 hours. After we figured it out dollar-wise, he realized that he could make much more money by helping us watch the kids for about 4 – 5 hours a day. If I don’t make some sort of schedule I will go crazy trying to manage things every day. We actually bought him some Beats by Dr. Dre headphones as an advance on his pay. So now he has no choice! When the kids drive him insane and he wants to quit…too bad, so sad!

This week the kids have gone through bouts of fighting, bouts of boredom, and then bouts of finally getting along and creating small moments of peace. When I see them actually playing and getting along I almost think I am dreaming.

Actually getting along

Sometimes when it’s quiet Karli is still right under my nose. She was cuddling with Shaggy right next to my desk.

Cuddle time

We got Blake an iPod Touch for his 5th grade graduation present, which was a combo birthday present as well. I have to laugh because it’s just another gadget that we can take away from him when he gets in trouble. We went through all of my apps and he literally about filled the entire iPod already.

Blake's 5th grade graduation/birthday present combo!

Can’t enjoy the summer without popsicles in the garage freezer so we can constantly find wrappers laying about the yard.

Summer Begins...popsicles required

Update on Andrew’s neck…poor kid. The x-ray and ultrasound both came back clear so he is back to square one. It has to be a muscle strain from baseball. He was given some exercises to do at home and he has been going to football workouts to keep working at the muscle. The chiropractor said he probably has some scar tissue that he needs to work through. I just hope that we are doing the right thing by having him work through the pain.

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