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Spring photo journal

Instagram is a really neat app I use on my iPhone to share photos. When I post photos on Instagram, I also share them on Twitter, Facebook, and my Flickr account as well. It’s pretty neat app when I remember to use it.

Here are some photos and little blurbs from Spring…

I love to take the kids just one at a time and do something fun. The fun usually includes the purchase of something of course. Chase and I took a trip to Barnes and Noble because he wanted to buy a diary. It had to have a lock and we were lucky enough to find one! We also picked out an Animal Facts book for Blake and some Judy Moody books for Karli.
He's planning on writing about his deepest darkest secrets!

Karli gets really freaked out when she sees Chase doing this… She screams “Tell Chase to quit looking at his brains!”
Looking at his brains!

I take too many pictures of my baby Tori. She is the best dog ever!
Cutest Yorkie Ever!

It’s been fun watching Blake progress at baseball this year. He has hit 2 home runs so far and has been playing several positions including catcher.
Going to miss Blake's first game today 

This is Chase and Karli in a nut shell…
Silly Kids!

One of my favorite photos this year. The tree in our front yard losing all of its petals. You can’t really tell, but Karli was jumping in the air.
Snowing in the spring!

Karli and my niece Emma going to see a movie.
Going to see Kung Foo Panda 2 with cousin Emma.

One night Andrew and Karli were both gone for the night so we had just Chase and Blake with us so we went to Pizza Papalis and afterward caught the fireworks shows that was put on after the Toledo Mud Hens baseball game. I don’t care what anyone says…having two kids is a piece of cake!!
A night with just the 2 middle & fireworks!

A night with just the 2 middle & fireworks!

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