Spring Break at Home

This week has been filled with endless amounts of laid back, super relaxing activities.

Lots and lots of movie watching. I think the kids have watched Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel like 5 times. They also watched How to Train Your Dragon from our living room. Yep, I’m technology savvy and rebellious.

Watching old family videos of the kids when they were babies. The kids had a blast and we all laughed so hard! We have ones of Andrew singing and all the kids dancing. Now we can’t get them to do anything like that in front of a camera.

Xbox360 & PS3 playing
Coloring & Drawing
Ken kitchen tiling our backsplash
Lots of laundering
Too much cleaning up kitchen messes after the kids devour simple meals or takeout
Biking Riding
Roller Blading
Friends staying the night
Lots of boo boos
Tons of bickering and fighting
Staying up way too late & sleeping in every morning
Eating Easter chocolate, including one of the dogs sneaking some and then getting sick on Karli’s bedroom rug
Ken and I have worked just a little, spurts here and there.
Playing tag & hide n go seek (outdoors and in…ugh!)

Trip to BD’s Mongolian Grill which opened on Monday right here in our hometown! We used to drive 45 minutes north a few times a year for a special treat.

Very little baseball thank goodness!

Arguments with Andrew about his dad who pretends that he is letting him grow up and be responsible and make his own choices, but as soon as Andrew makes a choice his dad tells him no. Andrew is really struggling with standing up to his dad. Andrew has a huge fear that his dad will stop talking to him if he doesn’t do what he says. His dad doesn’t realize that Andrew is going on 15 and all he is doing is pushing him away. It won’t be much longer and the “schedule” will no longer mean a darn thing.

Andrew got a new cell phone, the LG Cosmos, which he is very very unhappy with. He wanted the Droid, but now Verizon forces you to pay $29.99 additional for a data package. We already have to pay $30 a month for unlimited texting (which only Andrew needs) and I wasn’t about to pay another $30. He sent and received 12,000 texts last month. How is that even humanly possible?? I told him in 18 months if gets a job bagging groceries or flipping burgers on weekends he can see what it is like to spend all that money on a cell phone…he can pay the extra monthly fees for a fancy pants phone.

Tonight I finally plan on resizing pictures of our remodeled rooms. I keep putting it off because I have to dig up the before pictures and I can’t remember what month I took them so it is going to take me awhile to find them on my computer.

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  • Reply stephanie April 13, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Candi- Sometimes it’s best to just stay home and relax instead of going “somewhere!” Sounds like you are all are enjoying each other!
    I can’t wait to see your remodel pictures!!
    Enjoy your family time and break!!

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