September pictorial

Now that all my computer drama is over we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. OH- speaking of programming, I totally had to cut back on my DVR recordings. I literally could not keep up with all these shows that I had set to record. There are still some shows though that are my guilty pleasures and I just can’t go without. Such as the Real Housewives of Miami. Oh my goodness, these ladies crack me up. I can’t wait for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to start next week. Almost excited as I am for the presidential election so happen so my phone will quit ringing all day long. We actually took the phone of the hook today.

In case you haven’t figured out, I always like to make a little photo pictorial of any photos I have from the month that I didn’t make an actual blog post about. So here we go with September’s…

Last day before summer break. I just love this photo!
Last day of summer break!

My kiddos the first day of school. As always Andrew and Blake look half asleep. Believe me I don’t like getting up that early either.
11th Grade!! 7th Grade!!

4th Grade!! 3rd Grade!!

I love to fix Karli’s hair different ways for school, but it doesn’t happen every day. The first day of school I did this side French braid that turned out really cute. I found this hairstyle from this YouTube channel – Cute Girls Hairstyles.
Karli's hair for 3 Grade! LOL

Warning…cute doggies ahead!
So sleepy... Crazy Daisy...get off the kids clean clothes!!

I turned 40, blah blah blah. End of story. Just kidding. It doesn’t really bother me all that much. Karli made me this cute sign on her bed. She is such a sweetie pie!
Hanging from Karli's bed this morning. I know you can barely read it, it says HAPPY Birthday Mom!

Karli gave me a sparkly gift bag with a bunch of her toys in it! Chase made me this I love you sign with a toy that he has.
And she gave me a gift bag with some of her toys, LOL!! Chase made me this...

My yummy ice cream birthday cake that I shared with the pups too!
PartyTime! Sharing my ice cream cake

I tried a new recipe for lasagna and it was the best tasting lasagna I have ever had. It calls for Italian sausage which I have used before and but it also calls for slices of mozzarella cheese that made it so tasty. This one is a keeper for sure! Find the recipe here.
Recipe said World's Best was pretty awesome.

Finishing out the month I participated in the Toledo Race for the Cure with some friends. I didn’t sign up for the timed race though because I had not been training at all. I ran a few times during the race, but nothing to brag about. I really really wish I would have never stopped running. I felt so much better when I was running at least a few times a week. I feel like things are finally falling into place and it is at the top of my list to get back into a workout routine again! (I’m on the far right of both pics!)
Race for the Cure ;)


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