Saving on groceries…first menu

I had a couple of people email me about my post about cutting back on our monthly food budget. They wanted to know what sort of meals I was planning. It’s been exactly a week since I went to the store with my 2 week menu plan and I have to say we have stuck with it very well. One thing I learned really quickly is I am no longer going to designate certain meals for each day. I am going to make a list of 13 meals (assuming we will eat out just once every 2 weeks) and I can decide that morning what I feel like making for that day. Some days I didn’t include side dishes because I still have quite a few things to pick from laying around the house. I hope to use all this up by the end of the month.

I made just one trip to the grocery store last Monday and I spent $225 for all the things that are needed to make the following dinners. Now mind you I did have some of this stuff already in the house. Such as the hot dogs and burgers buns that were left over from having family over the previous Saturday – that is why those items ended up on the menu in the first place. All of the vegetables I already had as well.

So it is nothing fancy by far since I had very limited time to plan my grocery list this time around. This weekend I plan to do some more digging around online to find some healthier yet cheap meal choices for the next two weeks. Also the fact that I spent just $225 on two weeks worth of meals is pretty darn good considering I usually spend that weekly. I did also buy some breakfast cereals and snack items during this trip so the entire $225 was not just dinners. We are almost out of bread as of today, but everything else is looking well stocked. I hope we can make it until next Monday!!

Menu for August 20 - Sept 2

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