Redecorating our plant shelf

After remodeling our kitchen and family room we had to redecorate our plant shelf in our foyer to blend more with the new decor. Previously we had various antique items on the shelf that we just had to put up in our attic because God forbid we get rid of anything that might be of value. LOL, Ken loves to SAVE things, that is all I’m saying about that. We actually have items saved for our future grandchildren. Okay, honestly I think that is sort of sweet. Think of how many times you tell your kids about certain toys and things you had as a child that you wish you had kept for them. Anyways…

We started with this idea of the large glass vase that we had seen at a restaurant. Ken picked up some rocks from a landscaping store and we found the wooden sticks at Michaels craft store. We also found the plant and plant basket at Michaels as well. Funny thing was Michaels had the exact plant with the exact basket already put together for $160. The store also carried the plant and basket separately for $100 less! We of course snatched them up, along with a bag of moss and put it together ourselves.

We made a stop at Pier One and I found this awesome basket type vase and bamboo sticks that I really liked.

Redecorated plant shelf

I told Ken that I wanted some sort of animal, like a tall giraffe or something african looking. Pier One had an elephant that was really cool looking but wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. They did have a giraffe that was cute so we put it on hold in case we didn’t find anything else we liked. Then the salesgirl showed us a picture of another giraffe that we could order. I loved it and I loved it even more when we picked it up. It’s exactly what I had in mind. Redecorated plant shelf

To finish up we made a trip to Hobby Lobby for just a few more things. We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted to get but they have such a great selection I knew we would find something. We ended up purchasing the zebra chest, the african mask, and the crazy looking african dude. I think it all came together perfectly and I love my new plant shelf!
Redecorated plant shelf

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