Random Happenings

Is it odd that I enjoy when my youngest two kids ask me silly questions like…
When will I get fur on my pee pee?
How do people get babies in their bellies? Do you poop them out your butt?
When I get bigger can I drive your car? Can I go where ever I want, like Krogers?
Why do you shave your legs, so they don’t itch one another?
Why does that man have long girlish hair?

And this was all just this week so far. I seriously don’t know what I would do without their silliness each day.

This just happened… while I was writing this:
Andrew is on the Mac, Blake is reading, Karli is coloring, Chase was in the shower, American Idol is on TV which Ken and I are watching. Chase comes downstairs and the conversation goes like this:

Ken: Chase did you put on some of my cologne?
Chase: Yes (giggling)
Ken: How much did you put on?
Chase: I don’t know?
Me: How many times did you spray it?
Chase: Like 5
Karli: (making sniffing noises with her nose) Who let the cat out of the bag?

OMG…what in the world!! Where she ever heard that saying I do not know, but how funny. Apparently she has no idea what it means, but she sure enjoyed saying it!

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