Date night was great last Saturday. We had a yummy, QUIET dinner complete with drinks. I had to hang onto Ken’s arm a little bit while we walked around the mall afterwards. That’s what happens when you hardly ever drink. The movie 10,000 BC was good. Not great, just good. The previews certainly make it appear to be more exciting than it is. The animals which they seem to overplay in the previews are only in about 30% of the movie. It was still worth it though, it did look pretty cool on the big screen.

This week so far…. well I cut about 3 inches off Karli’s hair. Her hair has always been so stringy looking. My mom had recently got her hair cut short and remember I got mine chopped off not too long ago, so I asked Karli if she wanted shorter hair and she was all for it. I cut cute layers and everything.

Andrew got a mole removed off his back on Tuesday. We made him an appointment to the dermatologist like 6 months ago. I was so shocked that they removed the mole the same day. He has a lot of moles on his body to begin with, but he had one on his back that was about a half inch wide and it was dark and raised. It bothered him to the point when he would have friends over to swim he would put a shirt on the minute he got out of the pool. He said it didn’t hurt that much and he went right back to school afterward.

The boys got their grade cards today. I have something really embarrassing to admit. Chase can not sing the ABC song. He is in Young 5’s, he turned 5 in November. He knows all of his letters and can read/spell a little bit. But the kid can not sing the song all the way through without messing up! So it is on his grade card that he can’t recite the alphabet! Now how crazy is that? Blake did well. He raised many of his grades, which is typically for 2nd grade. I think teachers tend to grade lower first semester just so they can show improvement on their grade cards. Andrew- straight A’s and an A+ in math. He said it is getting pretty boring to get all A’s all the time because no one is ever surprised anymore. So I purposely jumped up and down and started screaming when I seen it. He is such a smart kid… I really hope he sticks with it. Tomorrow we have orientation at the Junior High! My boy is going to be in Junior High next year. I’m excited for him!

Two more days of school and the kids are on Spring Break for 10 days. Big yippee! It was 40 degrees today. Snow is still on the ground. It should be gone by this weekend, but they are still only calling for a high of 50 or so for next week. I am sad. I wish we could have booked a vacation or something.

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