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Puppy update

Often I take photos and share them on Facebook and Instagram. I like to share them on our family blog as well since this is the place my kids come to look back at our family memories. So some of you may have already seen these photos elsewhere. I wonder what it will be like in 20 years when we are looking back at old photos? Will the inter-webs still be the same? Will my future grandchildren be browsing through our family website? Crazy to think about really!

Some pictures of the puppies!! They have gotten so big. They just got spayed last week and they weighed 5.9 and 6.1 pounds. Daisy is a bit chunkier than Pippa and we can easily tell them apart now. Daisy is a lover and is so sweet. Pippa is full of energy at all times and is quite a pistol.

August 3rd
Just one reason why having two puppies is better than one!

August 6th
Sleepy puppies
Keep going…there are more puppy photos!!
August 9th
Don’t even ask me how it is keeping white puppies clean. These dogs have had more baths than my Yorkie has had in the past year. They are always coming in from outside dirty from running around in freshly cut grass to digging in the dirt.

Cuddling after bathtime

August 21st
Next to me on the couch

August 26th
Getting so big!! 10 weeks old

September 3rd
Tori is saying “I want to sleep under the cabinet too Mommy!”
Tori says "I want to sleep under the cabinet too Mommy!"

September 4th
Kissy kisses

Chase…and to think he is 8 years old fitting in a dog cage.
My kids are not the brightest at times

September 9th
Toddlers make such messes!
Where's Dora?

September 14th
They were laughing at my jokes!
They always laugh at my jokes ;)

October 5th
One of their many baths…see how dirty they get!
Guess which one is in trouble?

October 21st
Tearing apart their dog bed- AGAIN! Look how guilty Daisy looks (on the right).
Gonna kill them!! They keep pulling the stuffing out of their bed!

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