Not enough time in a day

I am too busy doing things like watching Chase train for gymnastics. (Note how he looks at the girls to see if they are watching him.)

Going to football games… Andrew

And Blake (on the right)
Blake - Alligator arms

Making my daughter look adorable for school
My dress up doll

Tearing down wallpaper in my half bathroom, well first making it into a graffiti wall. Apparently Andrew likes himself quite a bit.
Bathroom Graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti

And then there is the dreaded leaf project. (long story ahead…) This project was not fun, unlike most projects that I usually enjoy a little too much. Andrew had to go around and collect and identify 20 – 25 leaves for his science class. At first Ken and Andrew went around the neighborhood collecting any and all leaves they could find. Then we sprayed them all with this preservative stuff that was suppose to make them not wilt. It didn’t work very well, they all started turning brown. On Sunday Andrew and I sat down at the computer and started trying to identify them. We got half way through and I just wasn’t feeling very positive about our progress. It felt like we were guessing too much. So on Monday I actually had him go into school late so we could spend the morning going around to gardening centers and parks to find all of the leaves we needed. I know, that is bad, but you know we have no time in the evenings with everything we have going on and most gardening centers are only open during the day. We made like 4 stops and then I took him to school. At this point we had 16 leaves. At one of the garden centers the guy actually gave me a few street names where I could find some of them. After I took Andrew to school I went to the streets and got those leaves along with a couple more leaves that I found and brought home to identify. I ended up with 5 from my trip giving us a total of 21. My next door neighbor had one of the hard to find ones, a green ash, putting us at 22. Then I emailed my dad the list of the ones we couldn’t find and he found 2, putting us at 24. I figured that was more than enough, but when I left my parents house I drove past a park that had a tree that we had been looking for all day. Jackpot we had 25 leaves. How crazy is it I now know more about leaves than I ever cared to know. I believe I became more educated about leaves during this project than Andrew did.

Of course that wasn’t all he had to do for the project. Tuesday night we got home from Andrew’s football game and Ken laminated and cut out all the leaves for Andrew. Last night Andrew and I made labels to put on the pages with the leaves. Andrew put all the pages into plastic sleeves. I swear if he doesn’t get an A I will be mad. Why are these school projects since a pain in the butt? Don’t teachers realize that parents get stuck helping with them!

Leaf Project

Leaf Project

So the moral of the story is, I don’t have interest or time for non-profit websites. Sorry.

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    I hear you loud and clear. and I hope you know me well enough from a distance that this is purely a compliment and nothing strange but that Andrew in a football uniform must drive the girls wild!!!

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