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Pooper Scooper

The nice weather this weekend brought along with it some undesirable springtime chores. After months and months of snow there is always a lot of dog droppings to clean up. I typically start out helping, but after about an hour I quit and leave the rest for Ken. The next door neighbor boys were over and the 11 year old boy insisted on helping me. He doesn’t have a dog of his own so he must have thought this sort of chore was fun I guess. I couldn’t understand why he wanted to help since he was so grossed out by the whole idea. He kept asking me why I didn’t go outside and clean up the poop after each time that the dogs went. Yea right, I am going to walk outside at midnight in my pj’s and clean up dog poo.

He had me laughing so hard by the things he was saying while he was helping.

“Ew, I think the dog had diarrhea for this pile!”

“Did you feed your dog a powered doughnut?”

“I can’t believe how bad this smells, its like pooptopia out here.”

“Oh my gosh, this one has carpet in it! Do you feed your dog carpet?”

Okay… I can’t believe I just blogged about dog poop.

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