Karli had a Pinkalicious party at school today. She talked about it every day this week. She had it all planned out what outfit she was going to wear and then this morning the weather wasn’t really warm enough for a short sleeved dressed. But I caved and let her wear the dress anyways. The Pinkalicious theme is after the book of the same title…very cute if you have a little girl. Her class had pink cupcakes and they made beaded bracelets and princess crowns. She had a blast!

Let me back up a little…this morning she woke up and came into my office and said, “Did you hear me jumping up and down on my bed just now cause today is the Pinkalicious party and I am so excited!”

She was ready ahead of schedule and she actually reminded me to take some pictures of her before we left. She came up with all these poses by herself. Here are a couple of them. She wanted to take a picture of herself in the mirror, but I told her it would be better if I took the photo.



As we were leaving she started talking about dreams and she said the cutest thing. She said that it is really hard for her to remember her dreams and that it was really really hard for her to make her dreams happen for real. Isn’t that the truth! She is getting so tall and growing up too fast. I love how we can sit and chit chat about silly stuff. She still talks nonstop and drives me crazy with all her questions. I hope she never stops.

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  • Reply Terra March 28, 2010 at 7:41 am

    oh Hailey would have loved all the PINK…and she talks non stop too…maybe they should be friends!

    • Reply Candi April 1, 2010 at 11:34 am

      We can set them up as pen pals!!! Remember the good old days of pen pals? I still remember one of mine, her name was Holly. Karli would LOVE to have someone to send pictures to. She draws and colors every day, it’s crazy!! Think about it, it could be fun for them. Then they will grow up and go to the same college and be friends forever, lol!

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