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Peas & Carrots

Day Four – Stranger #Febphotoaday
Day Four #febphotoaday ~ Stranger.  It's me 6 years ago, feels like a stranger to me.  I will look like this again ;)

I’ve always said that I feel like a stranger in this body. Meaning when I look in the mirror I don’t feel like I look. Yet, when I look at old photos before I gained weight I think that person looks like a stranger to me as well. This photo is from 6 years ago and I thought it was very fitting for my representation of a Stranger. As you can see I have never been stick thin. I have always had muscular legs from dance and gymnastics and it’s just how my body is built and I am okay with that. I’ve got curves…that’s not so bad. I’m only 15% of the way to my goal weight after 1 month which sounds so incredibly far away from 100%, but I really feel like I am doing a great job staying consistent and losing weight gradually.

Day Five – 10am #Febphotoaday
Day Five #febphotoaday - 10am. Had to wear glasses, left eye was swollen this am.
Okay, I’m not gonna lie. This photo was not taken at 10am. I was in the shower at 10am getting ready to head to the grocery store with Ken. I took this photo the first time I looked at my phone all day. I despise going to the store on the weekend let alone on a day of an event – Superbowl Sunday. There are way to many people in the store and you are constantly trying to move out of everyone’s way. I almost never wear my glasses in public either, but my eye was all red and irritated. It’s better now, so all is good. We had a cheat meal with dinner last night- we made tacos. Not incredibly fattening, but not all that healthy either. Maybe I can use this as a reason to exercise today??

Just a random photo from the day…SEESTERS- Daisy and Pippa! Our Pomeranian pups are almost 8 months old. They have gotten so big and fluffy. I don’t know what they would do without one another. They are like peas and carrots. Or chips and dip. Or cheese and crackers. Okay, you get it.


Look at them when we first got them…at 6 weeks old.

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

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