Pain in the neck

About 3 weeks ago Andrew started complaining of a pain on the right side of his neck. At first I assumed maybe he just needed new pillows. Then the pain got worse. Last week I took him to the chiropractor for the first time. I am not a real big fan of this form of alternative medicine, but I was willing to give it a try since many athletes find the treatments effective. I was pretty impressed with the chiropractor and was happy that he explained to me each and every thing he was doing to Andrew. Unfortunately the pain in his neck did not subside. The chiropractor felt that there was something else going on with Andrew’s neck, something related to a virus or infection, maybe involving the lymph node. This had us quite worried over the weekend.

After calling Andrew’s physician we got some antibiotics and had some blood work done. Results came back clear. Upon seeing the family doc yesterday, he didn’t really feel any nodules or anything in Andrew’s neck. He believes it has to be muscular-skeletal. We got an X-ray to rule out a few things. Next step would be an ultrasound. So basically the chiropractor says one thing and the family doc another. Andrew is frustrated because the pain is getting worse and he is pretty stressed out thinking that it might be something serious and he may have to have surgery. I feel bad for him, I wish we had some answers as well.

Freshman Baseball

However, on Monday he played baseball and got a home run! Granted it was a smaller field than they usually play on, but it was still pretty cool. His was a two-run home run and the kid up to bat next got a home run as well. Too bad those 3 runs were the only runs made by his team the entire game! This is a summer knothole league that him and a buddy put together a team and they are all freshman. The league goes up to 18 years old so they will probably get beat quite often. That’s okay…the entire point is to have fun!

Freshman baseball ended a couple of weeks ago and was a bit disappointing because so many of their games were canceled due to rain or the other schools not having enough players or kids not making grades. Out of almost 50 games they probably played about half that amount. Andrew played third base and pitched a bit as well. Baseball is by far his favorite sport. He signed up to play football and hopes to start football workouts as soon as school is out. First we want to get his neck problem figured out so he doesn’t do any further damage to whatever is going on!

Maybe this is why his neck hurts…this LOOKS painful!

Freshman Baseball

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