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I try not to live with regrets, but I really regret one thing this Christmas- taking photos with my darn iPhone. Normally under the right amount of light the camera takes excellent photos. But this year the results were really disappointing. They are just photos, but the years are going by so fast anymore. It’s time to start using my Canon Rebel SLR. Speaking of, I was thinking of investing in the latest model – anyone have any feedback they would like to share? The one I have is 12 years old, that sounds crazy!! I remember that Ken bought it for me the Mothers Day before we built our home. I was thinking of just buying the latest Digital Rebel body since I already have two lenses to go with it. I do have a small Canon Powershot SX120, but it takes real batteries that die so fast it’s annoying. I used it on vacation most of the time and I had to make sure I had backup batteries with me everywhere I went.

Anyways, so how was your Christmas? Typically I get pretty grumpy right before Christmas only because I get so stressed out over what to buy everyone. This year everything went pretty smoothly and I got my shopping done early and without much stress. The kids were easy to buy for this year and I actually had fun buying for everyone else. I came up with some good ideas for Ken as well which isn’t usually that easy either. Ken bought me some Ugg boots and gift certificate for a cleaning service. (Yikes, I need to clean this place up first! haha!) He also got me a blanket to replace the blanket that I lost at the airport when we were on the way back from Mexico. I have this thing where I like to cover my face when I’m sleeping, particularly if I am going to be sleeping with strangers nearby on an airplane, which is why I brought it on vacation. I had let Karli use it to cover up because she wasn’t feeling well and I ended up losing it somehow. Once I realized it was missing we were already boarded on the airplane. Ken had called to try and find it, but had no luck. The new one he bought me was a Baby Morgan blanket, look them up- crazy expensive! I can tell you that the blanket I had, that I am embarrassed to say was Andrew’s when he was a baby, was most likely a Kmart special or something!

It really was a great Christmas, the kids were happy and here it is New Years Eve and everyone is certainly ready to get back into the routine of work and school again. I’m bored of being lazy- how crazy does that sound? Don’t get me wrong, I thankful that I didn’t have to work at all over break, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I hope your Christmas and break has been an enjoyable time for you!

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Chase and his Ripstick

Girls Rule!

Cousins on my side of family

my parents

Cousins on Ken's side of family

Ken's parents

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