October Pictorial

Ken and I celebrated our 13th anniversary this month. 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number, but it’s been pretty lucky for us. We’ve made it 13 years and I still love him like crazy! More than anything I love how our relationship has reached a different level. I suppose this comes with age, growing old together actually feels really good. I know we aren’t that old, but you know what I mean.

Some pics from our wedding day…
13 Years Ago ;) XOXOXO

My date for the football dance (our kids league, adults only party)… some dude from Kiss. I don’t even remember which one he was. Doesn’t matter, people loved him. People kept coming up to Ken asking to get his photo taken with him.
My date for the night ;) Only my husband.

Andrew made this cute craft for Ali for Sweetest Day. I have pics of him making it and will share later, probably as a Tutorial for Valentine’s Day! I’ve raised the boy well… he likes doing nice things for his girlfriend. They recently celebrated their one year anniversary as well.
My son and his girlfriend. He made this for her for Sweetest Day!!

Andrew turned 17 this month…holy moly. I’m super proud of the young man he is becoming. He has a good head on his shoulders and we have a great relationship. We know how to push one another’s buttons, but he knows he can count on me for anything. He’s been through a lot this last year with his back injury. He has been going through tons of physical therapy and is wearing a back brace. Unfortunately he won’t be able to try out for baseball this year, but as I always say- all things happen for a reason and his grades have been amazing lately.
Happy 17th Birthday Andrew!!!

This little guy has been living at our home for awhile now. Unless there is a whole family of them we keep seeing? They really creep me out, I’m not really a fan of bugs period.
Hi Mr Manny! You are looking might thin today.

Only two of our kiddos dressed up for Halloween this year. It seems just like yesterday Chase and Karli were just wobbling through our neighborhood tripping over every sidewalk crack and getting passed by all the older kids, including their two older brothers. Here we are now, they are the only two left trick or treating and they make it through the entire neighborhood in a little over an hour. We didn’t get too many trick or treaters this year because the weather was crummy, but the kids still had fun and got tons of candy.
StayPuft Marshmallow Chase and Kitty Karli
Happy Halloween!!!

Stay Puft dude - Chase

Kitty Karli

Lastly, I wanted to share this that I found the other day. It was perfect timing since I was feeling sorry for myself and all my computer woes. This just says it all. I am VERY BLESSED as I am sure many of you are. Remember that next time when you are down and discouraged. Things could always be much, much worse.
Love this!

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