Things I’m not allowed to do

Throughout my (almost) 14 years of marriage there are certain things I am pretty much not allowed to do in our household. I mean these are Ken’s little rules, so really they don’t stand much ground. {haha} For the most part I don’t really mind though…you’ll see what I mean. In no particular order…

I’m Not Allowed To:

Cook spaghetti, especially if meatballs are involved. Ken’s mom is Italian and has a special way of making spaghetti so Ken believes that is the ONLY way to make spaghetti. It involves not only using spaghetti sauce, but a can of tomato sauce and tomato paste. Which honestly I can’t tell the difference when it’s made without those items. But whatevs, it gets me out of cooking.
Ken's spaghetti & meatballs

Touch anything that involves electrical. I find ways to just make things worse somehow. There have been a few times I have attempted to do electrical work around the house like switching the dimmer switch from one light in the bathroom to another and I just mess things up royally. Same thing when it comes to hooking up video game systems or dvd players, etc. Me and HDMI cords and the like don’t get along to well.

Cut the grass. Oh darn on this one! I mean it sure is quite disappointing that with all my other chores around the house that I can’t cut the grass too! Main reason for this is I don’t cut straight lines. Ken is polish. That’s all that needs to be said about that one.
Photo is from 2009 when Andrew cut HI into the grass.
Andrew trying to make cutting grass fun

Cut the boys hair. I would think a lot of moms out there cut their sons hair, right? I mean when you are talking a basic #3 on the sides and back and blend the top…how hard can it be? Well I have failed many times and have run out of chances. I am allowed to cut the dogs hair though, which wow, I realize now is not a compliment.

Put food in the refrigerator after grocery shopping. Anytime I come home from the store we take everything out of the bags first and I put away the pantry items and Ken does the fridge. I would just throw stuff wherever where he reorganizes the fridge and freezer. Every. single. time.

Watch certain TV shows without him. He doesn’t watch that much television, but the shows he does watch he gets all Mr. Grumpypants if I watch them without him. Big Brother, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls are his favorites! Oh and The Office when it was on, but I didn’t watch that one after Michael left the show.

I’m thinking that may be all, at least for now. My memory is getting pretty bad these days. I spent 10 minutes the other night searching for my glasses to watch TV in bed to finally find them on the top of my head.

One more thing I wanted to share… Ken also makes Pickles and Bologna that his mom used to make. Did your mom make this when you were growing up? I remember my mom making it too, but I never did like it. I still don’t like it, it looks disgusting. I hate it just about as much as Ken hates Cream Chipped Beef which I did in fact make the other day. Yum!

Pickles & Bologna

Daily Nuggets

–> I have some giveaways coming up folks! They are all super cool and I’m excited :) I know I said one of them I was going to do back in June, but I am so behind in the list of videos I need/want to make.:(

–> I filmed a What’s on my iPhone video today and that will be posted by the end of the week. Be sure to be subscribed to my YouTube Channel. Thank you!!

–> Despite all the rain, I’m having a great summer…how about you?

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  • Reply Cindy July 31, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Grew up on bologna spread , love it so much as a matter of fact we have been making it for my mom now cause she craves it on crackers, she has the old style meat grinder the best , have to use sweet relish , helmins mayo and regular bologna not all beef!! and how about fried bologna sandwiches ,pickels & mustard and slice tomatoe!! the best

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