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Non-romantic Valentine’s gift

Ken and I worked out on our home gym for the first time today and I loved it! Ken thinks we overdid it, but I can’t help it…when I work out I want to feel it burn. I guess you could say the Inspire FT1 was our Valentine’s Day gift to one another. We always seem to do that – whenever we make big purchases around holidays or birthdays we’ll always say that it’s for that special day. Almost like it’s our secret way of justifying the purchase in the first place. I mean really, how romantic- a home gym for Valentine’s Day? Nothing like saying “No chocolate for you this Valentine’s Day, you need to work out instead!” Seriously though, no disappointment here – I love it!

Inspire FT1

Thanks to everyone who tried to help us out by liking our Facebook page earlier this week. We were hoping to partner with Nutrisystem where we would receive their food plan in exchange for writing blog posts and making videos about our experience with their products. We didn’t get selected though based on my low “social media” stats – which is referring to our Facebook fan page and Twitter. I knew this was going to be an issue and it’s okay. My blog isn’t a place of advertising, giveaways, or sponsored reviews – all those cool things that draw in subscribers and followers by the thousands. What’s disappointing is I really believe in the product and think it would help Ken and I reach our weight loss goals, where as many of the bloggers that they are working with have never once written about weight loss or fitness prior to them being sponsored by Nutrisystem. I understand though that they have parameters that they need to go by and we are not at that level. They didn’t seem to care that my YouTube channel is doing well and growing by the day either, which is unfortunate because Nutrisystem doesn’t have a very big presence on YouTube yet. I did give some thought to the whole situation because they did say I can reapply later when my stats are higher. What I’ve realized from the whole thing is that I blog for fun because I like writing and sharing things with everyone whether real life friends or virtual friends and while I could put some effort into making my blog just like the thousands of others, it’s just not who I am. I don’t want my blog to be work, I have a job thank you! Anyways, this just confirms my decision to focus on my YouTube channel because that is what I enjoy the most and just see where that takes us.

Daily Nuggets

–> A neighbor, a friend of Chase’s, just came over and said how he seen my videos on YouTube – where I was talking about losing weight. Too funny!

–> My poor baby Tori…she lets Karli do just about anything to her. She loves the attention!

Baby Tori

–> I meant to post a video yesterday but with Wednesday being Valentine’s Day I didn’t film anything. I did post two videos earlier this week though. A yummy Cinnamon cheesecake recipe and our rendition of the Harlem Shake – Michigan Family Style if you haven’t seen those yet. Our Harlem Shake video actually made it on The Today Show – check out that video here.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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