No more pigskin

Today was our last day of football! Woo Hoo! Of course we still have uniform turn-ins for two days and a banquet to attend too. We are almost finished! We survived our first year of running this team and we are still married at the end of it. Halleluiah! Actually it wasn’t all that bad. Getting people to volunteer is the worst part of it all. I don’t get some of these parents who want to just drop their kid off at stuff and not have to put out any extra time to make the league run smoothly. Oh well, to each their own right?
Last day of football! Woo Hoo!

I got some new Xbox360 headphones!! All ready for MW3 on Tuesday. I have so much to do this week. What a terrible week for a new game to come out. I am going to be doing some major multitasking tomorrow so I can be all ready for the game on Tuesday. I wonder how many other 39 year old moms with 4 kids are as excited about MW3 as me?
Rockin' some new headphones :)

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