Nighty night time

Chase reading

I have to admit I love when I walk upstairs to make sure everyone is sleeping and I find one of the kids still up reading. It reminds me of the days when I used to sneak a flashlight in my bed and hide under the covers so I could read just one more chapter of a book. I got caught a few times but it never stopped me from trying again another night. Chase is reading the books in the series Origami Yoda Series for AR for school. Who hates AR- Accelerated Reader at their school? Three out of my four kids like to read, so it was only a struggle with Blake, but its still a pain in the rear. The worst part is going to the library with Karli and having to look up every single book that she looks at to see if it’s in her reading level.

After I took off my makeup and walked back to check on Chase…I found this sweet sight.

Chase fell to sleep reading

Nevermind that Blake was half hanging off the bed because Shaggy sleeps with him every night. Usually his legs are on the other side of Shaggy, but for some reason they weren’t this night.

Shaggy hogging the bed

When I checked on Karli she was snuggling with her unicorn. She calls it her horsey or pony instead of a unicorn.

Karli cuddling her unicorn

Andrew’s nose is always in his iPhone or iPad with his TV on as well. I used to have to shut him down about 11:30 but here lately he has been going to sleep himself. Winter weather does that to ya I guess.

How is the routine at your house? I don’t miss the years where it took an hour or more to get the kids to go to bed and stay in bed. Ken and I would be trying to watch a program on television and every 5 minutes we would be yelling for someone to get back upstairs or to get back in their bed. It would be a dilemma what DVD they were going to watch or what book they wanted to read. Now it’s pretty easy, the most I have to do some nights is turn off their TV’s by 10pm. Yep, we let them have TV’s in their rooms. The horror!

Daily Nuggets

–> Snow day today, which means everyone is bored. It’s it funny how they all wish for a snow day and then complain they have nothing to do?

–> If you didn’t watch my last video– which why haven’t you? That’s just rude! – you missed the exciting news that we just bought a home gym- and Inspire FT1. I am so excited to starting some strength training. I really think it’s going to make a difference in how I feel everyday. Andrew will get a lot of use out of it as well because he doesn’t have to go to physical therapy anymore but he has to keep up on strengthening his neck and back.

Have a super weekend everyone! Back on Monday where I will be sharing a video on a yummy dessert you just have to try.

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