Never a dull moment

You know your husband is a better sales person than you when you take your kid to the Pediatrician and he is giving the doctor our business card and telling him that we have openings if he knows anyone who is looking. I could never have enough guts to do that! It’s just so pushy.

Blake’s exam at the Pediatrician was fine. The doctor thinks that it is a mixture of anxiety and also that he isn’t warming up enough before he starts running at full speed. He was told to take it easy in the beginning and see if that helps. Blake is only in his 25th percentile for height and weight. Why did Ken and I have to produce such small boys? Geez.

Andrew had to get new cleats for football today. He is now at the point where he needs different cleats for football and baseball. This sports crap is getting expensive.

Karli just came upstairs and said Shaggy, our fixed male dog… “was on my back and shaking his booty all over me!”

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