Myrtle Beach…here we come…again

We just found out that Andrew’s baseball team is going to Myrtle Beach in July for the Ripken Youth Baseball Tournament. We vacationed in Myrtle Beach last summer. Guess how thrilled I am about having to drive 14 hours to the same place this summer? So much for the Cancun vacation for Spring Break. It’s too risky financially. Not unless some miracle occurs and we start making physician placements like crazy. It is going to cost us $700 alone for Andrew to be in the tournament. I knew being on a travel baseball team was expensive, but we are going to be spending $2000 for him to be on the team for one season and that doesn’t include the money that we are going to have to spend for the other 5 members in our family to go to Myrtle Beach. We are going to do some fundraising activities. One thing we plan on doing is a casino bus trip like they had for his football team. Andrew’s baseball team is doing a bus trip, but Andrew’s dad and I are actually going to organize our own trip so we can raise more money. We only need 25 couples to fill a bus. We plan to also do things during the bus ride to make money too. 50/50 raffles, jello shots, $1 beer, and more. We should be able to raise pretty darn close to $2000 on one bus trip!

Before we knew that Andrew’s team was going to be selected to be in the tournament I was talking to Andrew about the possibility of him playing in Myrtle Beach. I was like…are you sure you would even want to go? He said a bunch of things like… “Are you kidding me, this is like the opportunity of a lifetime!” “It will literally be the best moment in my entire life so far!” I am proud of him and I can only be thankful that he is being given such an opportunity.

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