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My Running Playlist

I’m a little obsessed with finding the right music to run too. This list has been tweaked quite a few times. The first 11 songs were the songs I had set for the day of my first 5K race. It is somewhere right around 45 minutes long. The rest of the list are the songs on my “Running” playlist for training days. Or chatting…walking…and listening to music days. I know there are a lot of repetitive artists and most of the music is pretty much the same genre, but it’s what I like and it keeps me motivated.

Hope you are all keeping cool this weekend. It was a toasty 105 degrees earlier when I was at my son’s baseball game. His team came back to our house to cool off in the pool. After 50 hotdogs, 5 2-liters, 2 bags of Doritos, and 2 watermelons later, they all headed off to a second game. I stayed home in the air with the rest of my kiddos. I have to say right now my toes are actually frozen!

running playlist

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