My little wrestler

Our one and only wrestler in the family and I am so proud of him! Chase is doing such a great job his first year of wrestling. Never once has he complained about having to go to practice. He gets so excited and loves to practice at home against Blake. He can actually take Blake down and he is twice his weight. At first he did complain about the little singlet (bodysuit) he had to wear, he hated it – but he has gotten used to it. His first scrimmage was a few weeks ago and he did so well – he won 5 out of 6 matches. And he only lost the first one because they put him in a group of 9 year olds (because he is 9), but there was no one else close to his weight. So they moved him down to 8 year olds and he was able to wrestle kids his size. At least for real matches he will be grouped specifically by weight, not age. He is 9 years old and weighs 48 pounds.

Chase Wrestling Scrimmage

The day of his scrimmage I wasn’t quite prepared for what it was going to be like. He had already wrestled a couple of kids by the time I arrived and by his 3rd match he was rearing to go. The kid he was up against was getting very frustrated and he was on the brink of tears. I got so emotional while watching the match and I have to admit I had to wipe the corners of my eyes a few times. Chase was winning…what was my problem? I think it was a mixture of being proud of Chase for doing so well and it also bothered me that the other kid was getting upset. I can’t help it, I am one of those people who get emotional over the tiniest thing.

Chase Wrestling Scrimmage

Ken keeps telling me that I need to get ready because I haven’t even seen how bad it can get. Oh boy! Chase’s last match was against this boy that was going crazy psychotic! He was coming at Chase swinging his arms like girls do when they fight in high school. He also kept scratching and pinching Chase and he had long fingernails. Chase did not back down though, he went right at the kid and did his best to get his legs and take him down. It’s so nerve-wracking to watch and when you see some other kid breaking the rules it’s hard to just sit there and do nothing. Luckily they didn’t let the other kid get away with it for long.

Chase Wrestling Scrimmage

So, while I am excited to have a different sport to watch, it’s going to be quite an adjustment compared to baseball and football. Wrestling is obviously an individual sport and I am excited about seeing how far Chase is going to go with it. I have a feeling we might have a future high school wrestler on our hands. Our high school has a great wrestling team, so I would be very happy if he sticks with this sport.

Chase Wrestling Scrimmage

I am a Dance Mom, Football Mom, Baseball Mom and now Wrestling Mom.

Oh, in case you don’t know which one Chase is in the photos or videos – he has the red headgear on. Or maybe I should just say, he is the one kicking some butt!

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    Congrats Chase! Good luck!!!!

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