My lil drama queen

Chase often tells Karli to quit acting like a drama queen. Most of the time I have to agree with him. You can certainly tell that Karli is the only princess in the house. She likes things her way and much too often she gets it. She follows me everywhere and I can rarely leave the house without her. When I do sneak away without her she always greets me with a huge hug as though I was gone for days. Actually she does that when I pick her up from preschool too. She runs up to me with the biggest smile and jumps up for a hug. Other moms have commented on how they wish their children missed them that much. She makes me so proud. She is the most loving, perfect, spoiled little princess. She is everything I always wanted all those years that I dreamed of having a daughter.

I could be having the worst day and she always says or does something that makes me crack up laughing. Today she was playing with Chase’s Nintendo DS because she couldn’t find hers. All of a sudden she starts screaming, “I lost it in the sewer, Chase is going to kill me!” I didn’t even get out of my office chair because like I said, this is a daily occurrence with her. Within seconds she was in my office where I was talking with Andrew. She told Andrew and I how she dropped Chase’s DS pen down the sewer and she can’t get it out all the while tears are streaming down her face. Andrew and I start laughing because we knew that she was referring to the floor vent, not the sewer. Andrew got the pen out for her and all was well again. She told Andrew, “Thank goodness you knew how to get that out Andrew, your so big now!” She admires her oldest brother so much and she tells him how much she misses him when he goes to his dads house. It’s the cutest thing.

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