Miss Priss

I don’t think I am doing my daughter any favors by making her so prissy. Today at her preschool they had the kids all wear a name tag that had the name of their street on it and everyone was suppose to call one another by their street name. When I dropped Karli off she gave me this look like she thought the teachers were nuts. When I came to pick her up it was the very first time that she didn’t run up to me with a huge smile and hug. At first I thought maybe she wasn’t feeling well. When I bent down to ask her what was wrong, she had the saddest look on her face and said, “Can I please take this stupid name tag off now?” WOW, what have I done to her?

On the way home I had to stop at the carry out to grab some buns for burgers for dinner. When I asked her if she wanted anything she told me to get M & M’s for after lunch. A couple of seconds later she yells, “Make sure you get the purple bag, not the yellow or brown. Purple is for princesses!” She doesn’t even realize that the purple bag is dark chocolate. She cracks me up.

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