Memory Lane Trip #2

I was looking through some photos and some old videos that I had taken with my camera and figured I was past due for sharing some oldies but goodies. It’s kind of silly because really all I need to share is like one photo from 2004, but it is too hard to choose just one. So here are some of my favorites from 2004. Or you can go to Flickr and view the entire set there. Oh and P.S., be nice, I was pregnant and/or just had Karli in these photos. Honestly though I think I look better in these pics than I do now…lol, isn’t that a riot. Not!

Andrew & Blake
Blake and Andrew…. my gosh Andrew looks so young!

Andrew after getting his tonsils out
Andrew had just gotten his tonsils out, but yet he will still smile for a photo!

Blake and Chase
One of my favorite photos of Blake and Chase together.

Chase after spaghetti dinner
Yum, spaghetti!

Me, Blake and my niece Emma
My Niece Emma was born in January 2004.

Me & the kids
Me and the boys!

At the Zoo
Ken and the boys at the zoo.

Karli is here!
Baby Karli is born!

You know what…there are 12 other pictures in the set at Flickr. I am afraid if I post them all this page will never load on some of your computers. Go to Flickr to see the rest.

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