Laughter, the best medicine

As I was pulling away from McDonald’s today, Chase asked me if the workers all sleep at McDonald’s because the same ones are always there. You think maybe we go to McDonald’s too much? I explained to him that the people have jobs just like before when Daddy used to leave the house every day to go to his office. He told me that I was crazy, that the McDonald’s workers don’t have families, they just make food!

Our next conversation was about how his teacher is a kid and lives with her mom and dad and how his teacher aide is married to the gym teacher. Both of these things are not true. When we got home and the dogs greeted us at the door he told me that he wanted to sell Pooh (our Pomeranian) on the computer and get a new dog. Bidding starts at $20 dolla! I think I will buy a tiny Yorkie and name her Daisy.

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