May Pictorial

Better late than never that I share my Instagram/Facebook photos from May. I thought having the school year come to an end would slow things up, but instead I have been even more busy these past couple of weeks. Before I forget…here are some things that went on in May.

We opened the pool the first week of May even though the weather this year is pretty mild compared to last year. Of course Chase and Karli hung out in the hot tub because the pool was too cold.
Opened the swimming pool today but kids are swimming in the hot tub cuz the pool is too cold!

Tori chillin’ in the sunlight.
Wish I had time to sunbathe!

IronMan 3…AMAZING!!
Had the theatre to ourselves. #ironman3

Andrew went to Prom…all of the photos here.
Andrew's Junior Prom #prom

For Mother’s Day the kids spoiled me with a Beatbox Portable so I can jam music while we are swimming or working out. It runs off Bluetooth with my iPhone. They also got me a FitBit One which tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep activity.
Happy Mothers Day to me!

Daisy & Pippa got their traditional summer buzz cuts.
Look who got Spring haircuts today ;)

Unfortunately the month ended on a sad note. My grandmother passed away. My aunt made her family tree and it was very nice to see all the family that my grandmother created.
My grandmother that recently passed was an only child and look at the fabulous family she created!!

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