Lucky day

Yesterday Andrew tried out for a travel baseball team and made it! They actually asked him the day of the tryout to be on their team. This is so meant to be, I can just feel it. This is the first time he has tried out for a team that we didn’t know a single person. There is something to be said about that. Andrew was able to go in there and prove himself and it paid off. It didn’t matter what kind of baseball player he was in the past. Sometimes I think it makes a difference when you get to go into a tryout with a clean slate. The coaches are actual coaches, not just dads. The one coach used to be a pitcher for the Mariners. They have a separate coach for hitting, pitching, etc. During the tryout the coach was seeing if Andrew is “coachable” by telling him to move his wrist a certain way and it was already improving his throw. Andrew has played in the local community baseball league since he was 6 years old. This is exactly what he needs – to be on a team that is going to have coaches that know what they are doing and are actually able to improve his skills.

Second lucky thing that happened yesterday… I got a $50 check in the mail! I won a drawing for a ticket that I bought about a month ago. I told Ken that we were having a lucky day, that we should be going to the casino that night. Just as I was saying, “Let’s find a sitter!” He points out that the travel baseball team will cost us about $800, not including a tournament to Myrtle Beach that they have a 50/50 chance of being in. Holy crap!

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