Love You More

Maybe if I start blogging again I will start taking more pictures…so let’s jump right in. I’m on my iPad tonight though, so no photos for this post, lol.

Tonight Karli and I enjoyed dinner and the Nutcracker with some girlfriends. I feel so blessed to have a daughter to be able to enjoy these types of activities. Just think without her maybe I would have never seen a Nutcracker performance. While having sons is great there is nothing like having a mini me to hang out with. Not to mention the female adult conversation with a great friend…what a fun night.

Now Karli and I are cuddling in bed watching Eclipse. It was this or Disney channel, obviously Edward wins hands down. Ken was up here a second ago and when he left Karli whispered, “Don’t tell Daddy that I love you more”. When I told her that wasn’t nice, what if I said I loved Chase more than her…she replied, “Well it’s just I love you 100 and I love Daddy 99”. I told her that was sweet, but she should love us both the same…but Awww.

Now she is asking me what comes after a million, a billion, and a trillion? Umm, gotta check Google for that one!

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  • Reply Friglet December 12, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    What a cutie! I think she’s figured out who buys most of the Christmas presents in the house. ;)

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