Little catch-up

Andrew’s baseball team had a parent meeting on Friday and I was very happy afterward. Not only did I meet many of the parents who were all very nice and welcoming, but I met a mom that felt the same way as I did about the Myrtle Beach tournament. Originally the team was going to have the 3 coaches and 12 kids stay in two condos all together, not even in the same hotel as the families. As soon as I heard about this I was freaking out. I know Andrew is 13 and I am sure he is capable of taking care of himself and everything would have been fine…BUT I was not thrilled about the entire idea. Number one, I don’t even know any of these people yet, although I will know them very well by the time we are in Myrtle Beach. Number two, I couldn’t help but imagine all these things like Andrew missing socks, forgetting to brush his teeth, eating too much junk food before bed..etc. I know, I know…overprotective mother here. It is the way I am and Andrew is my oldest and I am learning every day how to give him more responsibility and to be less psychotic about things. He is at this place where he does everything himself, but I still have to remind him to do things at times. Anyways, I started talking to another mom and she felt the same way I did. We were both so happy to see that we were not alone in our feelings. I wonder how many other moms or parents maybe felt the same way? Maybe that is why the team decided to have the kids stay with their families instead?

I overpaid when I sent in our estimated taxes for 2008, so luckily we are getting a very nice sized refund. That will take care of our Myrtle Beach trip and then some! Double Hallelujah! I wish we could take the money and go to Cancun for Spring Break like we had previously planned, but we need to get more ahead financially this year. Time to be sensible, especially until we see what the economy is going to be like these next couple of years.

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