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Andrew has his first freshman baseball game today – he made the team! It’s going to be a cold one, will need to bundle up! I was worried about having to drive to some of these games alone since Ken won’t be able to go to all of them because our kids have activities as well. But now I have a car full, so excited!

Karli got her dance costumes yesterday, oh my- recital in 2 months! Boy she needs a lot of practice. She knows the moves, but tends to do them too fast. We need to start practicing at home. I remember how nervous I used to get before dance performances. I will be just as nervous for her! It’s intimidating when you look out into the audience and see so many faces.

Our Vegas trip once again didn’t work out. We were supposed to go next Monday – Friday, but it ended up our babysitter had surgery yesterday. She has had to go through hell and back because of these horrible migraine headaches. She has a pacemaker in her brain and she is able to control the leads with this device. It all sounds so crazy, but it does work for her. She had to have another procedure yesterday because of a faulty lead. Poor girl..she is so strong though! The kids were looking forward to having her here for a week. We talked about maybe later this year. Ugh, who knows…oh the joys of owning your own business and having four children and trying to balance it all!! It is certainly possible to feel very blessed and frustrated at the same time, believe me!

We had our Pomeranian, Pooh, put to sleep last week. She was almost 14 years old and had a chronic cough and backwards sneeze that we could never quite figure out how to treat. She was partially blind and couldn’t hear very well. It was the hardest thing for Ken to have to do in his life so far. I had bought Pooh (as a puppy) back before we were married and she became his dog instantly. She would literally pace the house and whimper when she couldn’t find him. We will miss her and the crazy noises she made.

Pooh shoes (one of her many names)

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