No sense of time

Earlier this week Blake was playing on the family computer and Chase wanted a turn. Blake had just started so we told Chase that it would be his turn in 20 minutes. He wasn’t happy with this answer so he started bargaining for a better amount of time. Chase said, how about 5 minutes. Ken said, nope 30 minutes. Chase said, 10 minutes. Ken said nope, 40 minutes. Chase said no, 1 minute. Ken said, okay fine, 1 hour. Chase was so excited he started jumping up and down and said to Blake, Haha Blake, Daddy said I get the computer in 1 hour!

One more funny… Today Chase and I were in Subway getting lunch. There was quite a long line and Chase was providing plenty of entertainment for all the folks around us. He seen that they had cookies and he asked if he could have some. I said sure, but wait until it is our turn. He asked if the cookies were free, and I heard a few chuckles from a couple of guys behind us. I said, no Chase, nothing is ever free. Then as we were leaving he goes, Come one mom, let’s go home and take big fat daddy his lunch.

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