It is full of lots of baseball games, swimming, reading some great books, playing with my super cool iPad (yes it is totally worth every cent!) and anticipating the beginning of summer vacation.

Andrew has 8th Grade Recognition tomorrow! My son is going to be in high school soon, that is insane!
(I wrote this on Thursday and never got around to finishing)
His baseball team has been doing amazing lately. They are in a tournament in Cincinnati this weekend. We opted not to go because it was his weekend with his dad. This year Andrew has been pitching, playing third base and left outfield. Don’t mind my moment of bragging, but the kid can run and FAST! It cracks me up because he used to float around the bases practically in slow motion and now Blake at 9 years old is the same way. Now he is so fast, he is awesome at stealing bases. Three times now he has almost hit a home run. I know almost is just almost, but he has gotten the closest at all the games I have been to.

Andrew pitching

Andrew pitching

I need to take some pictures at Blake’s games. This is his first year playing with the kids pitching. He tries really hard, more than Andrew ever did at his age. I think there might be something to the fact that the younger kids in the family try harder and are a bit more competitive than the oldest. Chase is a bit too small for the catchers equipment, but he loves wearing it anyways. Chase has a blast playing baseball, he doesn’t care win or lose, he just wants to have fun, which is great!

Chase catching

Shaggy always has to get in the pool to cool off.

Shaggy cooling off

Tori on the other hand hates the pool. I love when her tiny tongue hangs out.

Tori in hot sun

It sure is nice now that all the kids can swim. Not that I leave them unsupervised, but it’s still a huge relief not having to watch in case they fall in.

Karli & Blake

Chase swimming

I love this photo of Blake and Chase with their cousins. Ken and his brother took the boys to a Toledo Mud Hens game. Yo Gabba Gabba was there that day, but of course the kids could have cared less. Memories like this are priceless!

Toledo Mud Hens game with cousins

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  • Reply Terra May 29, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Those darn cookies…kind of like horoscopes right…Sorry about the frustrations. I think I told you I was a recruiter in a past life (early 90’s) and well..I feel your pain. Anyway, Can I come over and swim?

    • Reply Candi May 30, 2010 at 2:30 pm

      I do remember you saying that…thanks for the condolences! :) You can come swim and help me with work too, hahaha!

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