Let’s just call this Karli week

Karli is getting a lot of extra special attention this week. It sort of reminds me of back when all the boys were in school and it was just her and I at home. Unfortunately she has been missing a lot of school because she has been sick. It started Friday with the flu and then she was fine over the weekend. Monday she went to school and celebrated Valentine’s Day with her class. Then Monday evening we were at dance class and she started crying that her ear hurt. Within a matter of hours she was couching and crying about her throat hurting too.

Tuesday I took her to the doctor’s and she tested negative for strep but her tonsils were pretty red and swollen along with her left ear being irritated. This is by far the worst thing about sending your kids to school…all the germs. Her class has had a lot of kids absent lately and I think they just all keep passing their sickness back and forth. I kept her home again on Wednesday because she needed the extra rest and her cough is still pretty bad. I figured another day of antibiotics would make her less contagious. Then again should I even be worried about that since obviously there are many other parents who don’t care if they send their kids to school sick.

Chase has been bringing home homework for her everyday. I really hate some of the work she has to do. I am no teacher, so don’t judge me here, but the work they do every day is SO REPETITIVE!!! It’s like they do the same thing with their spelling words every week. Put them in ABC order, write them 2 times, etc. Then they do this Morning Math sheet which also seems silly to me. I hate to say this and I would never say it directly to Karli, but no wonder why she gets distracted at school- she has to do the same thing over and over again, every week! I would get bored too.

Anyways, we have actually been enjoying our time together! I joked and told Ken I was just going to keep her home all week and we can just complete all of her work together at home…it’s like pretend homeschooling! He said she is going back to school tomorrow no matter what, LOL! I know he is right, but it’s been fun having my little buddy around.

Getting eats Negative for strep, still got the pink stuff! Bad mom letting her play the PS3 when she stays home sick from school. Pretend Homeschooling

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  • Reply smizzo February 18, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    I am in a room of 3 year olds and all of them are sick! Why their mothers send them to school is beyond me, because most them are SAHMs. It makes me both sad and angry.

    Hope Karli feels better soon and doesn’t get sick again. I always missed my boys when they had to go back. :)

  • Reply Friglet February 17, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    I hate to admit it, but I loved those days when my kids were young and home sick. Well, for a couple of days anyway. ;)

  • Reply Teresa February 17, 2011 at 12:06 am

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