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The kids’ school had a lottery to see which kids would get to go to all day Kindergarten next year. The school has 3 Kindergarten classes, 1 all day, 1 half day morning and 1 half day afternoon. About 35 kids signed up for all day and only 20 were selected. Chase got picked!! I am so happy! He has already gone this year half days for Young Fives and he will be more than ready for all day next year. I feel a little guilty for wanting him to go all day, but with me trying to work all day, he will be better off being at school than at home fighting with Karli. Karli will go to preschool 3 days a week, just for 2 1/2 hours. She is so much easier to occupy on her own, she loves coloring, puzzles, and playing with her girly toys. For some reason when Chase gets home from school they just go at one another all day. Huge sigh of relief that his name got picked for all day.

Andrew made the All Star team for baseball which equals more practices and more games. Actually long weekend tournaments are in our near future. I am excited for him. He really is impressive this year. Puberty has changed the kid in so many ways. Strange! Now he is saying that he might play football again in the fall now that he is bigger and stronger….LOL!

Only two more weeks of school and then summer break begins. I don’t know how I am going to do it (work) with the kids home all day. Mornings will be okay. I mean I can get up a bit earlier than the kids and try to get some stuff done, maybe start laundry and so forth, but they will be begging to go outside after lunch. Chase and Karli aren’t old enough to let them outside by themselves and I can’t count on Andrew to watch them 100%… not around the pool. Just isn’t worth it. So I will soon be outside a lot… I do a lot of reading in the summer. It has it’s pluses. We are scheduling interviews all the time so I think it will be okay if I am not working as hard. I think it’s more about me not being so hard on myself really.

We decided to do a road trip for our summer vacation. Rather than just drive down to Myrtle Beach, I guess we are going to make our way through the Smokey Mountains, stop at some caves, Gatlinburg (Tennessee), and who knows what else. We will spend about a week in Myrtle Beach and then on our way back home we’ll go a different route and go through Virginia and West Virgina or something. Totally wing it! We have 12 days to do whatever we want basically. If you know me… I don’t really care for “winging it”, but I am trying to not be so narrow minded and let things happen as they may. The plan is… there is no plan. Ugh.

My niece is with her daddy this weekend! I can’t wait to see her! BBQ on Sunday and we are opening the pool tomorrow, even though the weather around here has been on the cool side. Hopefully it will warm up soon.

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