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Karli’s 5th birthday party

I made the mistake of googling “princess cake” with Karli and Emma. We kept seeing photos of these Barbie cakes, over and over again. I thought, it can’t be that hard, right? So I found this video on YouTube that gave the best set of directions and went at it. I about shocked myself when it actually turned out. None of the cakes burned and in fact it was super yummy. I used cherry chip cake and vanilla whipped frosting with red food coloring. Then I used these little Barbie sprinkles that I found at Kroger for the beads. I used one of Karli’s barbies and wrapped it in plastic before putting it in the cake and covering it in frosting. Karli could not stop smiling at the cake and my niece loved it so much I am afraid she is going to ask me to make one for her birthday next year.

Just call me Betty Crocker, Jr.

Not that I will ever do this again

Karli got lots of fun stuff for her birthday. We bought her the Tag reading system because I thought it would be good for her to use while I am working in the afternoons and she is home because SHE DIDN’T GET ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN!! Yes, I am still bitter. We got her a DS game and some other little stuff she didn’t need. From her relatives she got some craft supplies, some clothes for school, Polly Pockets, dress up clothes, and Parcheesi. I loved that game growing up!

5 years old!

Her favorite present was from her Great Grandma who bought her the specific Webkinz that she requested. She wanted the white bunny with pink ears and black eyes. My poor grandma drove all over town looking for the Webkinz and it was no where to be found. Finally someone told her that it was retired so I ended up buying it on Ebay for her. My grandma made a pink scarf for the bunny and made one for Karli to match.
Karli's favorite present from Great Grandma

Wish they could see one another more

Princess Karli

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