June Pictorial

June was a pretty busy month for us. I know, it’s already July 13th and I am still talking about June…so I am a little behind. It’s the story of my life. One of these days I will actually blog when things happen instead of weeks later.

I share all of these photos on Facebook and Instagram, but not everyone follows me there or is on the net daily to see all of these little tidbits of our lives. So this is the first and last time I will apologize for the duplicates for you peeps. I plan to do monthly “pictorials” to share the photos that I had taken for the month and didn’t make an entire blog post about.

Karli is constantly writing me sweet little notes. Sometimes on post-its or I’ll find messages she wrote on her dry erase board. She gave me the most heartfelt note ever.
My daughter is too sweet!

Sometimes Karli writes down words to songs like this one. Funny thing is I did this ALL the time when I was younger. Especially as a teenager, I would constantly look for songs to fit how I was feeling so I would record songs off the radio on my tape player and then play and pause, play and pause – while I wrote down the words. Ahhhh, the days before we had the internet to look these sort of things up.
Found this in Karli's room...she is writing the words down to a song. guess which one?

We got new carpet everywhere except the bedrooms. After 11 years with 4 kids and 4 dogs…it’s was time. The new carpet doesn’t look much different than the old, just a bit darker.
Bye bye old carpet! Hello new carpet ;)

Blake turned 12 years old and he is growing like crazy.
Happy 12th Birthday Blake!

The pups continue to get into everything and drive me crazy. Weekly baths are a must with white pooches.
Always getting into something... Tasty!

Where as Tori and Shaggy just chill and stay out of trouble as always.
Tori wanted to shopping with the girls. She got all dressed up and everything! Shaggy sunbathing

Chase and Karli put on this play for me which I still am not quite sure what was going on. They had me cracking up!
They never fail to entertain me.

There were many extremely hot days most of which were spent indoors prior to all the baseball games that we had to endure in the heat. Other times were spent in the pool where my kids are getting some crazy dark tans.
Who remembers having one of these tires as a kid?

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