July Pictorial

We went to a Mud Hens game with Chase’s baseball team on the 3rd of July. They had a really nice fireworks show afterwards. It was so darn hot and it rained so hard they had to delay the game for awhile, but we still had a great time.
Mud Hens game! Fun night filled with dinner with friends, Mud Hens game, and ended with fireworks!

Ken and I had a night out without the kids a few weeks ago. First we went to Ken’s aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary party and then we headed to a new casino not too far from us. We have gone to the casinos in Detroit a few times, but this one is closer and was actually really nice. We played for a good couple of hours and only lost $50. We never win big!

I bought the dogs new beds not too long ago and when we leave for long periods of time I make sure all the beds are in the kitchen because I don’t let them roam throughout the house anymore since we got new carpet. I find it just a little odd that there are 3 beds to pick from and the largest dog chooses the smallest bed to lay in. WEIRDO!!
It seems Shaggy has taken over my Yorkie's bed.

This month was really hard when it came to planning meals. Ken recently hopped back onto the weight loss bandwagon and I have been trying so hard to eat healthy since I have been doing the Insanity workout. When it came to feeding the kids they either didn’t want what we were eating or they were begging for the typical crap food we used to eat all the time. One plus is I am literally addicted to McDonald’s Southwest Grilled Chicken salad so I’ve been eating that like twice a week when the kids are craving chicken McNuggets. My goal was to still cook somewhat normal healthy dinners for everyone, but to have enough breakfast and lunch foods for the kids to fend for themselves. I made a trip to Kroger and stocked up on frozen breakfasts, croissants, single serve mac and cheese and lunchables. Maybe this seems bad, but try taking care/feeding 4 kids who all wake up at different times and get hungry at different times all while trying to work.
Grocery trip just for the brats

We had our pool liner replaced for the second time since we had our pool installed 10 years ago. The first liner was replaced 5 years ago when our neighbors swing flew into our pool and tore a huge hole into it. Then a few weeks ago we found a spot where the liner had a hole and the vermiculite was washed away and we were slowly losing water. Thank goodness for homeowners insurance! For as much as we pay it’s nice when they have to pay for something.
New pool liner going in!

I thought for sure it would take days for the water to warm up, but the kids were jumping in while the pool was being filled! Brrrr…
Kids couldn't wait...swimming while it's filling up!

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