July Pictorial

The past couple of weeks I’ve done so much shopping I’m actually sick of shopping. Never thought it was possible, but it’s true. Shopping with boys isn’t much fun either let me tell you. They are done shopping after like 15 minutes and then they just complain and complain. It really is much easier to just buy them things, bring them home and if they hate them I can take them back. Andrew didn’t need much except for a few things for his Senior Photos which are this week. Blake and Chase just needed some shirts and all they really wear is athletic brand t-shirts. Now Karli makes up for all the boys lack. She wants it all. Especially shoes, she’s out of control. I think we are done though even though I could keep buying her more and more.

I almost forgot to share a pictorial for last month!

Tori and Shaggy chillin’ outside.

Kids letting off fireworks and swimming to celebrate the holiday!
Enjoying the day...swimming and fireworks.

Waiting for the fireworks.
Waiting for fireworks!

Second place Chase! Poor kid keeps coming in second in wrestling and now baseball :(
Chase's baseball team too second place for the season. Great job Chase!!

Karli helping with laundry so she can get a Club Penguin account, the game is so silly I don’t know why they play!
Someone is doing chores so she can have a Club Penguin account.

Who took the kids to the drive in to see Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. I hadn’t been there is probably 10 years!

Karli was so excited to find this Artic Fox mom and baby at a garage sale for $1. Her favorite animal!
Went to lunch and stopped at a few garage sales with my girl today. She was so exited when the first one had these mom and baby Arctic Foxes. Her favorite animal!

Tori finds the strangest places to sleep.
Tori's latest resting spot. Such a strange dog! #yorkie

Pooltime! Hasn’t been too much swimming this summer the weather has been so up and down.
When I told Karli to brush her teeth before going outside she said "I'm just going swimming, it's not Prom!"

Karli hanging out with her baby Tori.
Best buddies #yorkie

True Story!

Books I’ve been reading.
Books I'm reading

Tori having a bad hair day!
Us girls all have them once in awhile. #badhairday

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