January Pictorial

{My monthly update on photos that I shared on Instagram and Facebook}

Our pup Daisy coming in from playing in the snow and getting dingleberries!!

Over Christmas break we took the kids to a Toledo Walleye hockey game
Toledo Walleye hockey game last night with the kiddos.

We also did our traditional bowling day. Karli once again bowled better than Blake and Chase.
Traditional bowling on New Years!

The best gift I could have ever gotten Ken for Christmas. He is always making the kids eggs and fried bologna on the weekends so I thought he would get good use out of it. I use it quite a bit too.
Glad I bought Ken this for Xmas cuz he is always making the kids breakfast. I use it more than him!

Karli got some more Lego Friends for Christmas and she had them all put together within a week. It kept her busy over break at least.

Karli was not only eating her lunch but also getting in line at the cafeteria and buying bags of chips and other snacks, so I put a stop to that by not keeping money in her lunch account anymore. She was buying her friends stuff as well- the girl does not understand money whatsoever. I decided instead I was going to pack her more stuff for lunch and the majority of it would be healthy. Chase packs his lunch because he is the pickiest eater ever and hates cafeteria food. Andrew started packing his lunch as well because he said the school food is getting worse and worse, where as Blake buys every day – that kid will eat anything!
Starting out the week right, snacks prepared for the kids lunches for the week. As well as Karli's bagel and Chase's salad for tomorrow. Go Me!!

I allow them to have some not so healthy choices once in awhile as well – chips, 100 calorie snack bags, chex mix. They are the skinniest kids ever so it’s not going to hurt them.
More lunch items and snacks in the pantry ;)

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  • Reply Kristen February 5, 2013 at 11:08 am

    I know what you mean about the school lunches, my daughter says they keep getting worse and worse.

    • Reply Candi February 7, 2013 at 8:16 am

      It’s terrible Kristen because they say that the lunches are supposed to be more healthy this year but the food tastes worse :(

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