It’s been awhile… an update

I haven’t been blogging much, but if you keep up with my photo posts, which I share on Facebook and Flickr, you would have a good idea what I have been up to lately. Here’s a recap from the last few weeks… {Click on photos to see larger}

The kids had so many snow days in February. They were closed for one entire week because of water and heating problems after a really bad ice storm. (Hopefully that is all behind us now!) Unfortunately we have 3 days added to the end of our school year because of all the snow days. One of the days they didn’t have school we went to one of our favorite restaurants- BD’s Mongolian BBQ. BD's Mongolian Grill Octopus head During all those snow days there was a lot of cuddling in bed Sweet Dreams Cuddling Watching American Idol, what are you doing? and playing Call of Duty Black Ops. It's a COD kinda day! Also some cupcake making. Only the bakers get to lick the beaters! All those snow days resulted in getting behind in work just a little bit! Just a little behind....

Ken took the boys to their first WWE Smackdown. Ken took photos and video, but seriously…boring… LOL!
While they were there Karli and I had a fun girls day. We did some shopping, mostly at Justice, and went to see Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D. It was a really cute movie! Watching Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D with my favorite girl Since we ran out of time I wasn’t able to pick up some new Mac makeup that I wanted so I made an online order instead. Love their products! Fun!

Chase started basketball practice and even though he is a tiny guy, he is fast as he travels up and down the court. I have some video from this weekend that I will be sure to upload soon. He actually got his first game basket this weekend! 3 feet 11 inches & Very Determined! Next little kids basketball Chase’s skinny legs! Chicken legs Here is Karli at one of Chase’s practices. I love this hat on her! Always stealing my iPad!
Andrew had his last basketball game a week ago. His team placed second, out of 4 teams! It was just a community team…he had lots of fun! First up big kid basketball

A few random photos that are pretty much self explanatory…
My Handwriting Baby Tori Pooh shoes (one of her many names) Her current bedtime pal. She thinks she is a cat. Dear Winter,  I hate you.

I was spoiled a bit last week when Ken took a trip up north to visit a client of ours and he came back with all these gifts for me. Not sure what I did to deserve them…but he is such a sweetie. Presents from my love! For no reason! Color me lucky  He got me a Pandora bracelet so now the kids have something to get me for Mother’s Day and my birthday every year. My first charms : Virgo zodiac dangle, lime charm just because he liked it, and the blue dangle is my birthstone a sapphire. Love what he picked out 

This weekend we were blessed with a short visit with the kids babysitter, Cat. She hasn’t babysat for us in a few years, but has yet to be replaced! There is just no one out there like her. She set the bar high for sure! She is now married and lives a couple of hours from here. She was in town for the weekend and she stopped by Chase’s basketball game. My fingers are crossed that she is going to be able to come watch the kids for us when Ken and I go to Vegas. I will feel so much more relaxed having her here with the kids than some new babysitter. My niece Emma was also in town and we had our typical Saturday dinner with my parents and grandma. We just hung out, watched a movie and played poker while the kids played. Poker face

As for this upcoming week…lots to focus on. Andrew has baseball tryouts for 4 days and we have some business stuff that has to be wrapped up or we won’t be taking that getaway to Vegas! Other than wishing winter was completely over and the sun would shine all day, life is good! I’m excited for the Bachelor finale tonight too!

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  • Reply smizzo March 15, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    I love all of your pictures! What a cute post! Whatever you do, do not stop blogging. ;) Are you excited for your trip? I am so happy that you guys get to go. Be sure to take a ton of pics in Vegas, too. What are the exact dates you are going?

    And I’m sure that I’ve already asked you this before, but here it goes again: is your Yorkie completely house broken? Will she even go out in the snow? My Lucy NEVER was. :(

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