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It’s A Girl!!

My wonderful, amazing, extraordinary, fantastic, incredible, super, terrific, marvelous, husband bought me a new baby girl.
She is the cutest thing EVER. I have been addicted to searching the internet for the perfect Yorkshire Terrier puppy for the past 2 months. I wanted one for my birthday SO BAD. But up to my birthday, which was last Friday, I couldn’t find the perfect one. I knew that as soon as I seen the perfect dog, I would know that she was mine. The plan would be to then begin begging and pleading to Ken. Unfortunately my birthday came and went and I still kept mentioning that I wanted a Yorkie, but didn’t push it too hard because I didn’t want him to go and buy just any Yorkie, I wanted to pick her out. I was pretty bummed that I had not found my puppy by then.
Yesterday morning I seen my baby girl advertised in the local paper. I KNEW she was meant for me. The begging and pleading was initiated full force from the minute that Ken woke up yesterday. I picked her up today around 3 o’clock. She is everything I dreamed she would be and more. She is 12 weeks old and weighs a little more than 2 pounds. It was love at first sight I tell ya.

We haven’t settled on a name yet. I wanted to name her Tori… but the gal I got her from had named her Bella… which I do sort of love, especially the whole Twilight thing. (The lead character in the book is Bella.) What do you think?!! Tori or Bella or does something else pop out at you?

New Baby Girl

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