I’m not a quitter

My life feels so crazy lately, yet to put it into words what has been going on I come up blank. Part of that reason is there are some things that I have had going on in the last couple of months that I can’t really share. {I know…I hate when people do that too! I have this exciting thing going on and I can’t talk about it, ugh! How rude!} No, it’s not like that. It’s not exciting at all, just stressful and complicated and I wish I could just pack a bag and run away with Ken and the kids for a few months until the drama ends. Also, do you ever notice when life gets stressful the next thing you know the phone is ringing with more drama? That’s me, a magnet for other people’s crap.

Anyhow, I constantly think about how I miss writing and wish I could somehow turn off the negative in my brain and accentuate the positive by writing and sharing about the things that I love most in this world – my family! Here lately I have enjoyed reading and escaping into other fun inspiring stories. I read this post the other day at a blog called The Happiest Mom – Do fewer things, Do them better.

I love this paragraph in particular:

The truth is, every day brings with it plenty of opportunities for us to do better–not perfect, but better–at small, familiar things instead of chasing down the next new thing that will “make” us more: fulfilled, successful, better parents, more in shape. The more I try to do everything, the more elaborate a schedule I cook up–the more I slack off, drop the ball, leave things hanging. Because I can’t do everything and do it well.

I feel like I have the “I want to do everything” syndrome and many days it results in doing nothing at all. Then when I ask myself what it is I really want to be great at I find myself putting all these things on my list that I don’t even do. Like – I want to run a mile, I want to knit a blanket, ugh! Who am I kidding? I haven’t knitted in years nor have I been pushing myself to run. I still want to do these things, but I also need to give myself a break and look at all the things I accomplish in a day and realize that I should give 100% effort into those things instead of always trying to do more. It’s a great concept; do less, but do it better.

Daisy is acting like how I feel…I just want to hide under something some days too!
Where's Daisy??

Which brings up the diet. I know you are all dying to know why I haven’t made any videos lately. {sarcasm} I felt like the videos were repetitive especially since we weren’t really doing anything different each week and I didn’t have anything new to say. However, I will admit that not having the weekly weigh in’s have made a difference in my effort each week. I’m still not drinking pop and I don’t fill myself with junk food…however my weight has been pretty steady the month of February. I haven’t quit, but haven’t been trying real hard either. As of today I am down another 3 pounds since the last video I made. I will make an update video real soon and I’ll get Ken on the scale and we will get back into the swing of things. {This is my way of saying I am trying to dig myself out of the pile of crap I am dealing with and get back to what makes me happy!}

Morning with mom at Chase & Karli’s school
Morning with mom at school bright and early this AM.

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