Hope they like their new home

I just transferred most of our YouTube Videos from our old channel to our new channel. It took a few hours and now I’m sad because… #1 – I wanted to go to bed early tonight and it’s now 12:30am (we need to get back on schedule) and #2 – I wanted to play some Modern Warfare 3 tonight instead! I didn’t realize it would take so long. It could have been worse though I suppose.

It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to upload a single video to YouTube, but I used this website called KeepVid to download the videos from our old channel and it saved them in MP4 format. This allowed the upload back to YouTube to go so much quicker. You know YouTube could make this so much easier by allowing people to change their user names! Also, it stinks a little bit because we lost all of our views on those videos, but I think it’s worth it. Any of our videos that could not be monetized by placing ads on them – I left on our old channel so that way I don’t have any copyright issues on our new channel. I think it’s silly that YouTube doesn’t allow you to use music and certain things in your videos. I feel like it’s basically like free advertising for the music so why not allow people to use it. As long as you are not posting an entire song or movie, what’s the harm? Oh well, what do I know. I also left our video from 2010 where Andrew and I did a review on our favorite iPad apps. It has over 8,500 views and I don’t want that number to start over.

So if you are in the mood to waste some time and watch some of our old videos – mostly from the summer of 2010, feel free! Here are all of the links:

Cute 3 Year Old is Mean to his Dog – Chase when he was 3 years old!
Memorial Weekend Cookout and Our First Vlog, June 2010
There is No Tooth Fairy!
Typical Weekend with our 4 Kids
Santa only Watches in the Winter
Schools out for the Summer
Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio
Baseball, Basketball, and Birthdays Oh My!
Blake’s 10th Birthday
Day at the Lake Riding Wave Runners and Tubing
Kids having Fun at Church Party
Getting Ready for Football in the Front Yard
Garage Roller Hockey
I’m Gonna Be a Cheerleader
New Babies at Our Family Nest
Favorite Restaurants and Karli’s Birthday Present
Who is the Nicer Parent?
Our Dogs Eating Peanut Butter
Chase and his many Impressions
Chase records his own video
Exploding Father
Daughter’s First Game Cheering
Kids acting silly to Phineas & Ferb
Ski Trip at Alpine Valley
Chase doing some Trampoline Tricks
Sling Shot at Kings Island
Pomeranian Puppies Playing – 8 weeks old
My First Viddy – an iPhone App
Karli beats Chase in a Race (Viddy)
Rocking Daisy to Sleep (Viddy)

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