He’s a Freshman!

Andrew has Freshman Orientation tomorrow. I think I am more excited than him! I was just showing him all the registration papers that he has to bring with him, along with his yearbook and picture order forms. So much for him to do tomorrow, including getting his schedule. I think it is pretty darn exciting having a son in high school. We have endless conversations about all sorts of stuff that he will go through the next four years. I feel really lucky that he likes to have chats like this. Recently we had a conversation about Homecoming and he wanted to know about the times that I went and who I went with…stuff like that. As much as I hated certain things about high school, like some of the hard classes and getting up early (I am still not a morning person)…I mostly have fond memories.

Freshman year I remember being asked to the Senior Prom and my parents not letting me go. Walking to and from the football games…like 3 miles! Kids don’t walk anywhere that far nowadays. I remembering making Pantherettes (we danced at half times of basketball games). The entire class getting caught cheating in history and I was so upset I was going to get my first F! (I didn’t.) One thing that I always seem to recall is this song that was played during our Freshman Orientation video -Dreams by Van Halen. Anytime I hear the song, I think of my first day of high school. Why I remember stuff like that I have no idea.

I have a letter about half done that I am giving to Andrew the night before his first day of high school. It just says stuff about the next 4 years of his life and making memories that he will cherish forever…corny stuff like that. We’ve talked about this stuff a few dozen times, but I thought a letter might really sink in more than any of our conversations. Tonight when I was talking to Andrew about orientation, Ken asked me if I was going to tuck Andrew in bed tonight as well! I can’t help it, I get anxious and overly prepared…and emotional about this kind of stuff. Oh goodness…what will I do in 4 years when we are dropping him off at college??? One day, or at least, one year at a time.

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  • Reply Lindsey August 26, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Oh Candi, I am getting teary eyed already thinking of my little ones heading into high school LOL Stop by my blog and check out my recent post, it has to do with kids growing up and had I read your post first I would have included it into my post lol. I think I will be going back to do just that, this is really good! I know, certain songs remind me of high school etc, seems like yesterday :(

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