Back to school

Some photos from the kids first day of school. I also got a picture of Blake with his temporary teacher because she wasn’t there yet when we showed up early for Open House. The post from Open House is here. His real teacher is on maternity leave and will be returning sometime in November.

Andrew First Day of SchoolChase First Day of School

Chase First Day of SchoolBlake First Day of School

Blake First Day of SchoolBlake First Day of School

Karli First Day of SchoolKarli First Day of School

All I can say about school is I still very much wish Karli was in all day Kindergarten. She loves going to school and she has been driving me a little crazy in the mornings when everyone else is gone already. She talks non-stop and wants to show me what she is coloring or reading or eating, etc… I try to tell her that I have to work, but it doesn’t always help. There are days when I don’t work in the mornings because I have to do laundry or grocery shop or something and we have a blast on those days and I appreciate her being home with me. As for the boys, Andrew is buried in homework, mostly Algebra, every day. He is enjoying football, but will be a little thankful when it is over so he can get home earlier and have some time to himself. This is the first year Blake starts getting letter grades on his grade card and he has been working hard. His reading skills are so much better than 1 year ago – thank goodness! He reads on his own at night now and Ken and I help him study for tests if needed. Chase has reading every night and has spelling words to study. He is quite a bit ahead of where Blake was in first grade in terms of reading, so that’s good news. Not that you are suppose to compare your kids I know! We just had a rough patch with Blake there for a couple of years and didn’t want to go through that again. Then again there is the factor that Blake is one of the youngest in his class with a June birthday and Chase is older than most with a November birthday. I think Chase wants to read more too, where as Blake would probably never read if I didn’t make him. Karli is now learning to read and brings books home every week too. Lots of reading going on in our house every night.

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  • Reply smizzo October 4, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    Okay, this is a real blog. I am still happy. :)

    I love these pictures. The first day of school is always so exciting. Especially when Crayons are still involved.

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